Vladimir García Bonilla | Meteoro Planting Vessel Series (hanging basket and plant stand), 2013 | Powder-coated aluminum, fire-finished ceramic, stainless steel and aluminum fasteners, vinyl-coated wire rope | Photo: Raquel Peréz-Puig
Vladimir García Bonilla
Photo: Miguel Villalobos
Vladimir García Bonilla

Vladimir García Bonilla

Born in Mayagüez, Puerto Rico, 1976; lives and works in San Juan, Puerto Rico

The Meteoro series is a contemporary, versatile, and practical planting system. Each unit is conceived as a spacedefining element that, when arranged in groups, performs as a family of complementary furnishing items to bring nature and beauty to the interior of urban buildings with limited outdoor space. Diverse in size and formal configuration, each vessel opens a dialogue with space through geometry, color, and function to enhance the plant’s textures, patterns, and shades. Meteoro pays homage to the residential steel planting ornaments characteristic of the Puerto Rican mid-century modern house patio décor. The design embraces its formal and material language, but expands its functionality and manufacturing capabilities to propose a fresh, contemporary tropical aesthetic.

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