Projeto Morrinho | TV Morrinho apresenta…, 2004 | Video
Projeto Morrinho

Projeto Morrinho

Founded in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in 1998

Projeto Morrinho is a social and cultural project based out of the Vila Pereira da Silva favela (Pereirão) in the Laranjeiras neighborhood of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Morrinho (little hill), which was started by local youth in 1998, is a 320 square meter model of the city constructed from bricks and other recycled materials. It began as a game played by local children in order to escape from the realities of violence and corruption that surrounded them and their community. Within this miniature urban world of Morrinho, participants act out a role-playing game with the numerous LEGO block dolls that inhabit the model, re-creating life in Rio’s favelas. The young creators of Morrinho began to create stories of the daily life of the community, which eventually became short films. The exhibitions of replicas of Morrinho in galleries and museums have been very well received by the public, and is related to the curiosity that we have about the favelas. In an anthropological sense: what do people do in favelas? How do they survive? What do they have to say about themselves and the world? Answering these questions has been one of the things Project Morrinho has tried to accomplish.


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