Lattoog (Leonardo Lattavo & Pedro Moog) | Pantosh Easy Chair, part of the Fusions series, 2008 | Plywood


Leonardo Lattavo & Pedro Moog

Leonardo Lattavo, born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 1970; Pedro Moog, born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 1970; live and work in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

All Lattoog products are conceived, designed, and produced to join the rational aspects of high technology with the poetry and subjectivity of art objects. Behind our brand are the forces that bind us as partners, and we bring together our complementary academic backgrounds and pluralistic experiences to offer innovative furniture design and architecture. We launched our first furniture collection in São Paulo in 2005, one year after we established our partnership, and the results are functional objects that combine harmonious, sinuous, and organic lines with geometrical forms, while retaining the cultural elements so important to Brazilian culture. We are inspired by daily life in the old historical neighborhood of São Cristovão—its flowery ceramic tiles on walls and tabletops, the iron gates transformed into furniture—and the celebrated wave designs on Copacabana and Ipanema sidewalks. In our Fusions series, is an example of hybrid furniture: two pieces unite to make a third, at once different from the others. This is a reminder of the racial mixture that is Brazil, which contributes to its rich artistic and cultural fabric.

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