gt2P | Wall-mounted lights, part of the Less CPP N2 Porcelain vs Lava Lights series, 2014 | Porcelain, lava, LED lights, electrical wires
gt2P | Bowls in porcelain, part of the Less N1 Catenary Pottery Printer series, 2014 | Porcelain
gt2P | Ovenera, 2014 from the series Losing my America | Clay, paint


Great Things to People

Eduardo Arancibia, born in Santiago, Chile 1980;

Victor Imperiale, born in Puerto Varas, Chile 1986;

Guillermo Parada, born in Santiago, Chile 1981;

Tamara Pérez, born in Diriamba, Nicaragua, 1981;

Sebastian Rozas, born in Santiago, Chile, 1978;

live and work in Santiago, Chile

We are a studio involved with architecture, art, and design projects. We are engaged in a continuous process of research and experimentation in digital crafting, promoting new encounters between contemporary technologies and the richness of the local, expressed in traditional materials and techniques. We seek to systematize knowledge and observation, whether of natural, artificial, geometric, or spatial phenomena, through generative algorithms. Parametric design is a tool to guide the planning of our projects, enabling the integration of design, development,and production. We have also discovered an artistic dimension that connects us with our cultural heritage, through the incorporation of traditional experience and knowledge that feed and qualify the generative algorithms, or DNA, that we create. Revealing the surprise of manual processes and local materials is a way to value who we are through what we do.

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Artisans who worked on Losing My America

Victorina Gallegos, Quinchamali, Chillan, Chile

Vicson, Gorbea, Temuco, Chile

Ines Carter, Rari, Linares, Chile

Néstor Miranda, Villarrica, Chile

Teresa Olmedo, Santiago, Chile

María Zavala, Pomaire, Chile

Sergio García, Quilpué, Chile

Juanita Muñoz, Santa Cruz, Chile

Juan Carlos Orellana, Coya, Chile

Paola Valencia, Limache, Chile

Vanderlino De Souza, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Florentino Lopez, Jalisco, Mexico

Angelica Coyopol, Puebla, Mexico

Paula Corrales, Santiago, Chile
Davor Petricio, Santiago, Chile
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