Claudia Washington & Harry Washington | Ikono Chair, 2010 | Laurel Wood, metal structure, white powder coat paint, PVC string
Claudia Washington & Harry Washington
Claudia Washington & Harry Washington

Claudia Washington & Harry Washington

Members of The Carrot Concept

Claudia Washington, born in San Salvador, El Salvador, 1976; Harry Washington, born in San Salvador, El Salvador, 1981; live and work in San Salvador, El Salvador

The idea was simple: to succeed in the global market, it was essential that we join forces and work together. By sharing ideas and pooling resources, we created the critical mass needed for El Salvador to compete in the international market and establish a stronger local design and production community. Having a physical presence in San Salvador—a home for design with a wide-open door—was crucial to fostering creativity as the face of design in El Salvador. The Carrot Concept is a physical space: a gallery, workspace, shop, and a café that serves as a common home for art and design. This is where we work, connect, and share ideas, and where we are inspired by nature while surrounded by great people. It is a venue for visitors to relax, explore the design process, and purchase Salvadoran products. This concept has a clear objective: to transform Salvadoran design into a disciplined and systematic method for developing projects. As a consequence, quality is improved, value is enhanced, and production time can be reduced. Another objective is the expansion and elevation of local manufacturing by involving producers in the design process. Our goal is to bring design into the lives of the public through education, work, and social interaction.

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